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Can BlackBerry Survive?

Can BlackBerry Survive?

Being a BlackBerry owner for the first time may be a happy moment. At that moment, you have the phone that you always dreamt of. Imagine the benefits that you get when you buy the phone that will help you in reducing the burden of work. Some of phone’s features are distinct. The BlackBerry Messenger is an instant hit. All of your friends communicate through BBM. They also have multitasking features that enable users to organize things accordingly. Having a BlackBerry phone is a status symbol. Many have tried to sell old cell phones just to have the most coveted smartphone around. However, times have changed. Having a BlackBerry phone is not cool. It is rather shameful.

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Want a Dual-Sim Android Phone?

Want a Dual-Sim Android Phone?

So far, cell phones are the only handheld phones that gives a dual-sim feature and only few cell phone producing companies can offer this, like Nokia. This dual sim property holds efficiency and is well accepted by practical and professional people, recognize as must need feature for a phone. Since the dual-sim feature became popular its not surprising that many people would expect a dual-sim Smartphone.

Many Generations of Smartphones have been made and no smartphone producing company was able to produce one, until recently.

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The New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Tablet Market welcomes the New Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Long wait is over, as a new tablet from the South Korean Tech Company (Samsung Inc.) has been unveiled. Speculations and expectations are set, for it will battle out and will try to overthrow the 2nd Quarter Tablet leader, the Apple iPad 2.
The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has a feature that iPad 2 doesn’t have, a Pen. Samsung added their so called “S Pen”, sophisticated feature that can act as if it were a computer mouse, a touch of personalization. (Click here to View Original Article)