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Apple broke Sales record with iPhone 5

Is There No End to Apple’s Dominion?

The watchdogs of the mobile industry are about to witness another familiar scene in the tech world today. News is breaking in that as of today, Apple’s shares already surpassed $700 in its first-day iPhone 5 pre-sales orders. This current success powered Apple’s hopes in keeping up the revenue growth that it once exploited when it was still a niche market computer distributor.

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The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

Which Artistic Rendering Should Apple Consider?

The unveiling of the iPhone 5 is probably the most-awaited event this coming September. Many rumors speak of the announcements either in September or October, but so far, the most feasible date will be next month. As usual Apple still keeps mum about the issue, and lets the people harness the immensity of word-of-mouth marketing. The tech giant let our imagination prance and traipse on the moors of technology.

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