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Can BlackBerry Survive?

Can BlackBerry Survive?

Being a BlackBerry owner for the first time may be a happy moment. At that moment, you have the phone that you always dreamt of. Imagine the benefits that you get when you buy the phone that will help you in reducing the burden of work. Some of phone’s features are distinct. The BlackBerry Messenger is an instant hit. All of your friends communicate through BBM. They also have multitasking features that enable users to organize things accordingly. Having a BlackBerry phone is a status symbol. Many have tried to sell old cell phones just to have the most coveted smartphone around. However, times have changed. Having a BlackBerry phone is not cool. It is rather shameful.

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Let the Shootout Begin!

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III

While the competition for better smartphones rages on, it seems that the competition for better features also fires up with much intensity. And with it comes the endless improvements for smartphone cameras. Nowadays, a nifty smartphone camera can already replicate the output of a small pocket digital camera or a mid-range SLR camera.

What further bolstered this camera revolution was the rise of digital photography sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest. True, it’s now easier to share them as these sites are integrated into most of the mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows, and etc.

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When to expect Apple’s iOS 6


When to expect Apple’s iOS 6

Apple Inc. on News Streak
News After News – This year Apple has been to a lot of Headlines from High Record Sales, to Patent Lawsuits, becoming the Most Valuable US Company in History, to the release of the next generation iPhone and now, the upcoming Apple iOS 6.

Yes, the next Apple Operating System is rumored to be launch a week after the grand showcase of the new iPhone 5 and it is set to be available on some Apple products. Release date rumor is on September 21. Would this be likely to silence the current talk about, the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1?
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The Most Valuable U.S Company in History : Apple


The Most Valuable U.S Company in History

As the word of mouth continues for the release of the next generation Apple iPhone on September, another great news bumped Apple. Yesterday (August 22) (Bloomberg)  announced , “Apple is the most valuable U.S Company in history”, as its stock trades at a discount to Nasdaq Composite Index and says it has more room to go.

According to Bloomberg Data, Investors value Apple at 15.4 times trailing 12-months earnings, while the average company in the 2,495-member Nasdaq trades at 16.5 times.

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Samsung Turns Tide Against Apple

Samsung Turns Tide against Apple

Pinch to Zoom Patent

When it comes to Patent litigation Apple always seems to have the better arguments and the right reason to file a lawsuit against any competitor. And,  Samsung is the best Opponent that they ever have, both were fully engaged in patent wars on several fronts since April 2011.

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Apple and Samsung Design Similarities


 Apple and Samsung Design Similarities

Last Tuesday, the focal point of Apple and Samsung’s international court dispute shifted to the iPhone’s iconic display as the famous iPhone and iPad maker summoned a     former Apple employee, who is an award-winning graphic designer- to support the claims that Samsung has indeed violated Apple’s patents and copyrights by making its products ‘confusingly similar’ to that of Apple’s gizmos.

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The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

Which Artistic Rendering Should Apple Consider?

The unveiling of the iPhone 5 is probably the most-awaited event this coming September. Many rumors speak of the announcements either in September or October, but so far, the most feasible date will be next month. As usual Apple still keeps mum about the issue, and lets the people harness the immensity of word-of-mouth marketing. The tech giant let our imagination prance and traipse on the moors of technology.

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Apple’s $8.8 Billion Profit Increase

Apple’s $8.8 Billion Profit Increase

Some Analysts expected that Apple wouldn’t get good profit for the 2nd quarter, Acknowledging Samsung to lead. Apple has been able to garner an increase of their profit to $8.8 Billion on iPad sales. But Wall Street says fiscal quarter to June Profit was up 20.5 percent amounted only by $9.32 dollars a share, it’s below the consensus forecast of $10.36 dollars a share and even though Revenues rose by 22.5 percent to $35 billion, it was still below that targeted $37 billion.

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The Elitist Phone From Vertu Mansion

The Elitist Phone From Vertu Mansion

Would You Buy an Outrageously Expensive Phone?

History is favorable to Nokia, but presently, the tech firm seems to suffer a cluster of symptoms that suggests its imminent decline from the ranks of the best smartphone manufacturers in the labyrinths of the techosphere. Years ago, Nokia reserved for itself the umbrella term for mobile phones. It has become a household name for almost all users who use cell phones. Granted: In the time of Nokia’s reign, the units were big and heavy beyond words. I can’t even help remembering how a large number of meme-based sites make fun of the heftiness and durability of certain cell phones, especially Nokia 3310.

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