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The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

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Is This Another Apple iPad Killer?

On Thursday, Amazon unveiled its latest Kindle device- the New Kindle Fire HD that comes in two sizes: one in 7 inches, the other in 8.9 inches. Well, the general opinion is that it’s damn remarkable. At face value, that is.

Amazon’s initial presentation, though, wasn’t afloat with a lot of Kindle Fire HDs to try on and tinker with. It’s a hand-on event, yes, but we didn’t feel the saturating inquisition of the Kindle mania all over the place. We saw a media practitioner come up to Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice-president of Kindle, and check out the tablet he was carrying.

Swiping his finger on the smooth display surface, and sequentially tapping the various apps, he said:

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Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer


Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer

Former Marketing Executive of Amazon, Kathy Savitt will hold position as Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer. The troubled Search Engine Company (Yahoo) and its new CEO, Mayer is now starting to recruit elites from other Giant Companies and replace some big names on Yahoo, as part of the plan to polish its image and find an en route to its former revenue growth.

The Sunnyvale, California based company takes its 5th attempt in another transition, and hope to regain its glory with a new CEO and include Kavitt Kathy as CMO. Kathy Kavitt will take hold on September 14, and will leave as chairman of Lockerz’ chairman but will put some personal investments in the company that she will leave behind. (Source: Yahoo News, click here)

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