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The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

Source: engadget

Is This Another Apple iPad Killer?

On Thursday, Amazon unveiled its latest Kindle device- the New Kindle Fire HD that comes in two sizes: one in 7 inches, the other in 8.9 inches. Well, the general opinion is that it’s damn remarkable. At face value, that is.

Amazon’s initial presentation, though, wasn’t afloat with a lot of Kindle Fire HDs to try on and tinker with. It’s a hand-on event, yes, but we didn’t feel the saturating inquisition of the Kindle mania all over the place. We saw a media practitioner come up to Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice-president of Kindle, and check out the tablet he was carrying.

Swiping his finger on the smooth display surface, and sequentially tapping the various apps, he said:

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