Can BlackBerry Survive?

Can BlackBerry Survive?

Being a BlackBerry owner for the first time may be a happy moment. At that moment, you have the phone that you always dreamt of. Imagine the benefits that you get when you buy the phone that will help you in reducing the burden of work. Some of phone’s features are distinct. The BlackBerry Messenger is an instant hit. All of your friends communicate through BBM. They also have multitasking features that enable users to organize things accordingly. Having a BlackBerry phone is a status symbol. Many have tried to sell old cell phones just to have the most coveted smartphone around. However, times have changed. Having a BlackBerry phone is not cool. It is rather shameful.

In retrospect, RIM, BlackBerry’s manufacturer is on the edge of disappearing from the scene. They have laid off workers, their stocks are decreasing, and their finances have come to a bitter end. Unfortunately, the ‘CrackBerry’ that we knew before cracked and ended right away. The hype has already shifted to better, modern, and more sophisticated smartphones. Android and Apple smartphones are currently making the extra effort to become the best smartphone there is. However, before they prove that they should stay on top, they should reconcile their patent infringement cases. Both claim they own this or that and the rest is just a money-throwing game. No one seems to care what happened to RIM. What has happened to them by the way?

With all the zips and zaps, RIM is in the shadows trying to survive the treacherous game. What used to be BlackBerry’s glory has faded. They will just remain in memorabilia, mementos, and archives. RIM has been trying to raise their stocks even though it has flunked from 50% to only 5%. They have already lost millions just trying to keep their company floating. They have also tried to create some hype by releasing or leaking snippets of their future BlackBerry 10 L series, RIM’s flagship smartphone. Since BlackBerry 10 is months away, RIM relies much on earning money from money downloaded apps. RIM gets recognition mostly from fans but otherwise, they get criticisms and insults.

One BlackBerry user interviewed by New York Times says, “I want to take a bat to it. You can’t do anything with it. You’re supposed to, but it’s all a big lie.” She complains after accessing the internet that it suddenly turns off. She tries to hide her BlackBerry phone by placing it underneath her iPad. She concludes, “I’m ashamed of it.” Another interviewee sound distressed by his BlackBerry phone. “I feel absolutely helpless. You’re constantly watching people do all these things on their phones and all I have going for me is my family’s group BBM chats.” A non-BlackBerry phone user thinks that “BlackBerry users are like Myspace users. They probably still chat on AOL Instant Messenger.”

Despite the harsh criticisms that BlackBerry phones get, these phones are remarkably tough and enduring. That has been a BlackBerry trademark. They value quality out of all the qualities needed for their smartphones. Still, shame lurks in every BlackBerry user. But, they may opt to sell cell phones and buy either a Samsung S3 or iPhone 5.

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