Apple broke Sales record with iPhone 5

Is There No End to Apple’s Dominion?

The watchdogs of the mobile industry are about to witness another familiar scene in the tech world today. News is breaking in that as of today, Apple’s shares already surpassed $700 in its first-day iPhone 5 pre-sales orders. This current success powered Apple’s hopes in keeping up the revenue growth that it once exploited when it was still a niche market computer distributor.

This year alone, Apple’s stock has increased by 73%. And as the iPhone 5 consummates its popularity, it is expected that it will grow more in the coming months. The iPhone 5, because of its slimmer, taller, and lighter build has attracted Apple’s existing customers and is soon to beat the 10 million unit milestone it set for itself for its pre-sales orders. In the first day, Apple had already received orders of 2 million units. This breakthrough trampled Apple’s first-day records set by the previous model, the iPhone 4S. Since the introduction of the first iPhone- the iPhone Classic- the iPhone devices have been Apple’s best-selling product, accounting for 2/3 of the over-all profit. Because of the vigorous demand for the device across generations, Apple has a higher chance of withstanding its intense competition with Samsung and Google on the ever-lucrative smartphone marketplace.

Rex Ishibashi, Chief Executive Officer of Callaway Digital Arts Inc. speaks of the greatness of the iPhone. He said that the iPhone is reflective of how important smartphones are in our lives and the digital technologies that go with them.

The spike of Apple’s shares started on Sept. 14 after the tech giant opened its gates to taking pre-orders. However, the said that new orders wouldn’t be shipped until September 28; exactly a week after the iPhone 5 officially hit the physical stores. This is a clear sign that the supplies are decreasing and should be centralized.


After tripping Microsoft in defeat, Apple went its way on and surpassed Exxon Mobil Corp as the biggest company in the world by market capitalization last year. Apple was also hailed as the Most Valuable Technology Provider in 2010. The tech juggernaut is known for pushing the possibilities that will improve its business models, including the establishment of the digital music and touchscreen phone industry, on top of its traditional realm of competence: Selling computers.

Obviously, their tactics succeeded- both in boosting the company’s revenue to greater heights and making investors grab more shares. This June, Apple’s revenue increased to $35 billion from $1.73 billion when Jobs went back to Apple in 1997.


It seems that Apple shows no indication of slowing down. And with the rumors surrounding the release of the new iPad Mini, we can only expect that Apple’s fortune will accelerate with remarkable speed. What the heck, it’s always been like this! Let’s carry on.

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