The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

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Is This Another Apple iPad Killer?

On Thursday, Amazon unveiled its latest Kindle device- the New Kindle Fire HD that comes in two sizes: one in 7 inches, the other in 8.9 inches. Well, the general opinion is that it’s damn remarkable. At face value, that is.

Amazon’s initial presentation, though, wasn’t afloat with a lot of Kindle Fire HDs to try on and tinker with. It’s a hand-on event, yes, but we didn’t feel the saturating inquisition of the Kindle mania all over the place. We saw a media practitioner come up to Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice-president of Kindle, and check out the tablet he was carrying.

Swiping his finger on the smooth display surface, and sequentially tapping the various apps, he said:

“A lot of other tablets focus only on the display. We hope we have the best features, the best content, the best customer service, and the best prices.”

Then, he reiterated Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos’s words earlier in the presentation:

“This isn’t a gadget, it’s a service,”

Definitely, it is difficult to assess the gizmo under the category of a service. There is an inverse relationship between the speed in which the claim is uttered and the waiting time before we get to evaluate the worthiness of the device as a ‘service’. This is why it’s always better to revert and be keen about the nitty-gritty.

First off, the difference we quickly noted was that the new Kindle Fire HD was more comfortable to carry around than the previous models. If you ask about the feel of it, its performance, and its sustaining quality, the answer is a resounding YES! We can say that the components are balanced: The weight, the look which is reminiscent of Google Nexus, and the thinness make us feel that Amazon really made the right gadget.

Despite the glorious expectation of the tech consumers, we can say that the Kindle Fire HD is still flawed. It seemed that it can be slow and lag every once in a while.

Of course, this is just the initial analysis of the Kindle Fire HD. We don’t want to be presumptuous in judging it based on initial observation. It’s better if we leave it for another time and see how it will fare in the ever muddled tablet market competition. Will it be another Apple iPad Killer, which is by far the best selling tablet in the world? Can it even compete with tablets of lesser popularity like Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

We recommend that you buy this new Kindle Fire HD so that you will be the first one to experience its guts and glory. For those who own smartphones, however, you can trade them in for some cash so that you can easily offset the purchase of the Kindle Fire HD. Try Cash for Smartphones and see how much your old cell phone is worth! You can visit the site through this link: cashforsmartphones and sell your cell phone for cash

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