Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer


Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer

Former Marketing Executive of Amazon, Kathy Savitt will hold position as Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer. The troubled Search Engine Company (Yahoo) and its new CEO, Mayer is now starting to recruit elites from other Giant Companies and replace some big names on Yahoo, as part of the plan to polish its image and find an en route to its former revenue growth.

The Sunnyvale, California based company takes its 5th attempt in another transition, and hope to regain its glory with a new CEO and include Kavitt Kathy as CMO. Kathy Kavitt will take hold on September 14, and will leave as chairman of Lockerz’ chairman but will put some personal investments in the company that she will leave behind. (Source: Yahoo News, click here)

The hiring was announced Monday, This is a big move made by Yahoo, as Mayer is cobbling together the major pieces to help turn around Yahoo. Since Mayer took position, some known people of Yahoo have departed but immediately their positions were occupied with some high profiled names from other company in their place.

Also, the current CEO of Yahoo and former Google employee plans to include some good Google practices which could be the following:

Free Food, Data Intensive, Approve New Hires, Friday Meetings, Great compensations and other more Employee pampering stuffs.

Yahoo’s CEO strategy is to take hold a $4 billion war chest and it will be used to fuel acquisitions, expansion, and improve Yahoo’s Product. With Yahoo under a need of a comeback, this is one of the most critical and daring move made. This is far yet to come and some analyst says it’s not far fetched for Yahoo to be on top again.

September will be a big month both for Yahoo and Apple as they will finally release the much awaited new products, the New iPhone 5 and the new iOS 6. The new iPhone 5 will be released on the 2nd week of September but it is a bit expensive however people are now trying to sell their old electronics or sell cell phones just to buy the new iPhone 5.

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