Sony unveils the New Sony Xperia SL

Sony unveils the New Sony Xperia SL

While two of the top Smartphone Giants proudly boast their best for this quarter (Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Apple’s Next Gen iPhone) another tech company has been silently planning to match the industry leaders.

Sony, the Japan based company also a leading manufacturer of electronic products in the world, finally unveils a new game changer in the Smartphone industry. Rumored as the Xperia X Successor, to match of those iOS and Android powered smartphones. 

Sony introduces the new “Sony Xperia SL”

Sony Xperia SL Specifications: (Source:

Processor: Dual Core 1.7 GHz
Operating System: Android (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Snapdragon S3
Display: 4.3 inch display
Camera: 12.1 Megapixel with autofocus, 16x Zoom and LED pulsed flash

The new Sony Xperia SL boast of a faster processor compared to the former  S’s 1.5 Ghz speed and a few other improvements. It has a good quality HD Screen display with its Sony Mobile Bravia that would definitely be something worth wanted and buying for. A complete list of specifications are found in their website and updates for the release would likely be shown sooner than speculated.

Analysts of smartphones speculate price would range lower than Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 5 because of the little improvements and thought by reviewers.  If this is on your list as a must buy for this quarter, you can save money or  you can sell your old Smartphone or sell cell phone at and buy the new Sony SL Xperia.


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