The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

The Gallery of Designs for iPhone 5

Which Artistic Rendering Should Apple Consider?

The unveiling of the iPhone 5 is probably the most-awaited event this coming September. Many rumors speak of the announcements either in September or October, but so far, the most feasible date will be next month. As usual Apple still keeps mum about the issue, and lets the people harness the immensity of word-of-mouth marketing. The tech giant let our imagination prance and traipse on the moors of technology.

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Here are some of the amazing concepts from gadget designers on how the newest Apple Smartphone would look:

  • Easy Charging- You know what happened to the MacBook? Chances are the iPhone will also implement a port design that is fit for its own MagSafe Connector. If we assume that the iPhone will sport a thinner build, an equally featherweight yet strong charger should be necessary.


  • Kaleidoscopic iPhone- How about an iPhone that comes in different colors to match your mood and personality? We expect the latest iPhone generation to be fancier and explore the uncharted places of aesthetics using attractive colors like blue, green, pink, and yellow other than the usual black and white.


  • A Full Screened iPhone- Now that most of the Super Phones we now boast of very large screens, we would like Apple to raise the bar by conquering all ‘sides’ (and I’m being literal in my interpretation) by expanding the estate of the screen. Large screens are now becoming an industry standard for higher-end Smartphones and there is no way Apple should balk at the competition.


  • The iPhone Air- Remember MacBook Air? We definitely want a virtually lighter iPhone. That would be a frigging blast!


  • No Button iPhone- Let’s drive the concept of minimalism to the extremes. Why don’t Apple reveal an iPhone without the Home button?


  • Curved Glass Edges- One of the best iPhone 5 concept designs that we love is the one like the full-screened iPhone, but not quite. What we are talking about is an iPhone that still has the Home button but sports a wider screen and curved class edges.

These are some of the concept designs that we love to share and hopefully, see implemented by Apple in the next installment of the Apple iPhone series. I believe that the next iPhone holds so many promises that are waiting to be fulfilled one way or another by the tech firm.

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