The Elitist Phone From Vertu Mansion

The Elitist Phone From Vertu Mansion

Would You Buy an Outrageously Expensive Phone?

History is favorable to Nokia, but presently, the tech firm seems to suffer a cluster of symptoms that suggests its imminent decline from the ranks of the best smartphone manufacturers in the labyrinths of the techosphere. Years ago, Nokia reserved for itself the umbrella term for mobile phones. It has become a household name for almost all users who use cell phones. Granted: In the time of Nokia’s reign, the units were big and heavy beyond words. I can’t even help remembering how a large number of meme-based sites make fun of the heftiness and durability of certain cell phones, especially Nokia 3310.

Now, Nokia is ready to surf on the wild waves of today’s fashion in the industry. Based on our sources, Nokia is tying up with an independent subsidiary, Vertu, in rolling out a Luxury Phone brand. For the benefit of those who don’t know, Vertu is an ultra-luxury phone brand that independently operates within the walls of Nokia. Basically, what they do is to pick a streamline product of Nokia and dress it up to make it a high-end phone. They create phones that are made of stainless steel, ceramics, or carbon fiber. Then, they stud it with precious gems like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies as buttons.

And at this point, the merger of Nokia and Vertu incites rumors that say the Vertu phone price tag will also come at a hefty price. The last time I heard, it will be around 249 million dollars.

For now, there is still nothing that is set in stones, but according to anonymous sources, the deal is said to be made in the next few weeks. However, this massive business decision is something we are not fully banking on. Is it just me or my druid? I have no idea. As far as I know, Nokia is still a hard sell trying to regain its former market share might. It takes double its current effort to once again streamline its declining business.

What about this separate rumor that Permira, another private equity group, had been talking about buying out Vertu? Then again, some reports say that it never ended up as a successful trade in.

Nonetheless, if the rumors prove to be true in the future, Vertu phones are rightfully priced that way. I, for one, believe that the cost of using premium materials like diamond studs should come dirt cheap. Not to mention, this will trample the exclusivity factor that the Apple iPhone capitalizes on. Blame it on vanity, or peer pressure- the bottom line is, this phone brand will make you withdraw those dollars from your bank account!

You see, if the iPhone has become a status symbol for those who use it, I believe the Vertu phone can stack up to the kind of value Apple can give to its customers. Given a lotsell cell phones just to buy those expensive phones because of its quality and features. Regardless of the full features that Apple can deliver, I hope Nokia, through the magic of Vertu, can rise up to the challenge of the day and make its way once again to the top!


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