Can BlackBerry Survive?

Can BlackBerry Survive?

Being a BlackBerry owner for the first time may be a happy moment. At that moment, you have the phone that you always dreamt of. Imagine the benefits that you get when you buy the phone that will help you in reducing the burden of work. Some of phone’s features are distinct. The BlackBerry Messenger is an instant hit. All of your friends communicate through BBM. They also have multitasking features that enable users to organize things accordingly. Having a BlackBerry phone is a status symbol. Many have tried to sell old cell phones just to have the most coveted smartphone around. However, times have changed. Having a BlackBerry phone is not cool. It is rather shameful.

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Let the Shootout Begin!

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S III

While the competition for better smartphones rages on, it seems that the competition for better features also fires up with much intensity. And with it comes the endless improvements for smartphone cameras. Nowadays, a nifty smartphone camera can already replicate the output of a small pocket digital camera or a mid-range SLR camera.

What further bolstered this camera revolution was the rise of digital photography sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest. True, it’s now easier to share them as these sites are integrated into most of the mobile OS like Android, iOS, Windows, and etc.

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Apple broke Sales record with iPhone 5

Is There No End to Apple’s Dominion?

The watchdogs of the mobile industry are about to witness another familiar scene in the tech world today. News is breaking in that as of today, Apple’s shares already surpassed $700 in its first-day iPhone 5 pre-sales orders. This current success powered Apple’s hopes in keeping up the revenue growth that it once exploited when it was still a niche market computer distributor.

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How to Order the new iPhone 5

If you’re one of the millions of Apple iPhone Fans, then you’ll definitely want to get a hold of the new iPhone 5. Currently there are 2 Million orders and still counting and these are the lucky people who can boast

The Thinnest, slightest and fastest iPhone Ever“.

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The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

The New Kindle Fire Heats Up in HD

Source: engadget

Is This Another Apple iPad Killer?

On Thursday, Amazon unveiled its latest Kindle device- the New Kindle Fire HD that comes in two sizes: one in 7 inches, the other in 8.9 inches. Well, the general opinion is that it’s damn remarkable. At face value, that is.

Amazon’s initial presentation, though, wasn’t afloat with a lot of Kindle Fire HDs to try on and tinker with. It’s a hand-on event, yes, but we didn’t feel the saturating inquisition of the Kindle mania all over the place. We saw a media practitioner come up to Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice-president of Kindle, and check out the tablet he was carrying.

Swiping his finger on the smooth display surface, and sequentially tapping the various apps, he said:

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The Samsung Galaxy 3 Flash

The sum of its parts does not necessarily make a whole. The whole can be divided into parts. Although, we do not delve into the arguments that posit such a confusing streak. In the case of smartphones, the smartphones do not necessarily define its parts. With a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, its accessories can never define the phone’s capability. Accessories are helpful in the use of phones, especially for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

They can lessen the burden or enhance certain available functions at your disposal. If you don’t have money, you can sell Motorola DROID X and buy the S3 with accessories. You should take note that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is newly released. So, its accessories are not as varied compared to other smartphones in the market.

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Tech Giants Team Up to Improve Indoor Navigation

Tech Giants Team Up to Improve Indoor Navigation 

 Tech Giants like Samsung, Sony and Nokia and 19 other companies, wants to improve Indoor Navigation, as they team up to improve indoor positioning and market adoption of related services.

In-Location Alliance, wants to create solutions offering “high accuracy, low power consumption, mobility, ability to implement and usability.”

“The aim of the In-Location Alliance is to act as a pioneer opening up new business streams for indoor environments. Indoor positioning is the next frontier of mobile devices, offering great opportunities to enhance consumer experiences. In practice, since GPS doesn’t work well indoors, this means the alliance members will create pilots for services based primarily on Bluetooth 4.0 as well as Wi-Fi.

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Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer


Kathy Savitt is Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer

Former Marketing Executive of Amazon, Kathy Savitt will hold position as Yahoo’s new Chief Marketing Officer. The troubled Search Engine Company (Yahoo) and its new CEO, Mayer is now starting to recruit elites from other Giant Companies and replace some big names on Yahoo, as part of the plan to polish its image and find an en route to its former revenue growth.

The Sunnyvale, California based company takes its 5th attempt in another transition, and hope to regain its glory with a new CEO and include Kavitt Kathy as CMO. Kathy Kavitt will take hold on September 14, and will leave as chairman of Lockerz’ chairman but will put some personal investments in the company that she will leave behind. (Source: Yahoo News, click here)

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When to expect Apple’s iOS 6


When to expect Apple’s iOS 6

Apple Inc. on News Streak
News After News – This year Apple has been to a lot of Headlines from High Record Sales, to Patent Lawsuits, becoming the Most Valuable US Company in History, to the release of the next generation iPhone and now, the upcoming Apple iOS 6.

Yes, the next Apple Operating System is rumored to be launch a week after the grand showcase of the new iPhone 5 and it is set to be available on some Apple products. Release date rumor is on September 21. Would this be likely to silence the current talk about, the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1?
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